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1,500+ news items daily across 32 newswires in Russian updated 24/7
Main Newswires

Stay updated with global news spanning politics, economy, social issues, incidents, culture and sports brought to you by our dedicated correspondents in Russia, the CIS countries, and beyond. Our newswire is indispensable for major media outlets, monitoring services, databases, and tailored content curation.

Some 1500 items per day
Prompt coverage of top stories around the world, events in Russia and the CIS: news, analysis, interviews and expert commentary, announcements of major events.
Over 1,000 news items per day
Top news from Russia and the world in one line: the fastest coverage of major events.
Over 300 news items per day
Daily digest of major national print media
Released between 3 and 5 a.m. MSK
Daily digest of opinions on top stories by major foreign media, translated into Russian
Released between 7 and 8 a.m. MSK

Four newswires in a package

● Morning Mail: announcements of major events in Russia and around the world for the day ahead, released daily at midnight, Moscow time;

● Foreign Media Digest: Opinions on top stories by major foreign media translated into Russian, released every morning between 7 and 8 a.m. Moscow time

● Russian Media Digest: A digest of major national print media, released every morning between 3 and 5 a.m. Moscow time

● RIA Novosti Choice: A digest of major events in Russia and around the world prepared by the RIA Novosti editorial board, released twice a day, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Moscow time

Five releases daily
Multimedia and Services Newswires
Conveniently organized database of announcements of upcoming local, regional, national and international events scheduled for the year ahead: meetings of heads of state, parliament and cabinet sessions, exhibitions, festivals,social events, news conferences, etc.
150 announcements per day
Short announcements of events for the day: event description, participants, venue, time, and contacts for accreditation. Short announcements of events and notable dates for the upcoming month are released daily.
150 announcements per day
Announcements of releases of new photographs in the sputnikimages.com image bank.
Once per day
A daily registry of photo images released by the RIA Novosti media bank with captions.
Some 300 items per day
Coverage of major events in Russia and around the world in the form of headlines to give a quick overview of the news.
150 headlines per day
Announcements of releases of new videos in the sputnikimages.com image bank, by correspondents of RIA Novosti, RIA Kremlin Pool and Sputnik CIS.
Around 15 original videos per day
Thematic Newswires
International news about politics, the economy, finance, sports, culture and society. The latest information from our own correspondents and top stories from international media.
Around 400 items per day
Statements and decisions by the president, including executive orders and instructions, as well as news about his international contacts. Information about the Presidential Executive Office and presidential councils, and statements by top Kremlin officials.
Some 40 items per day

Statements and comments on domestic policy by federal officials (the Kremlin, the government, and both houses of parliament), new appointments, including of governors, important amendments to legislation, presidential and parliamentary elections, plus the work of political parties.

Some 60 items per day
Interviews with top newsmakers, such as officials, business leaders, and cultural figures, and exclusive comments on current domestic and international issues. We provide unique content in all spheres.
Some 30 items per day
Defense industry news from Russia and the world: defense and space talks and contracts, armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, public unrest, news about the army and navy.
Some 100 items per day
The space programs of Russia, the United States, China, France, Japan and South Korea, space launches, news about the International Space Station, innovation and research, and scientists’ opinions.
Some 10 short items per day

News from various fields of science, including production, industrial ecology and technological sovereignty.

Reports covering scientific research and discoveries, nature management, climate and environmental protection, including environmental oversight, environmental regulation, industrial and household waste management, environmental monitoring, environmental expertise, scientific, ecological and environmental technologies, and environmental impact.

Some 20 items per day
Main events in the Russian and global economy, exclusive information and analytics from top experts.
Some 120 items per day
News on macroeconomics, financial markets and business in Russia and the world. Exclusive information, analytics and forecasts from top experts.
Some 250 items per day

Russian and international trading in shares, currency and gold, bonds (including federal loan bonds), the placement of Eurobonds, sovereign and corporate bonds, US stock index futures, rating agencies’ decisions, bonds placement, news about the Russian Finance Ministry and Central Bank, including the revocation of bank licenses and market regulation in Russia and the world, banking news, state budget news, and basic macroparameters (GDP, inflation rate, investments, capital inflow/outflow).

Some 80 items per day
Property development, real estate market, land and property legislation, government housing programs.
Some 40 items per day
Major sporting events in Russia and the world, including latest news from championships and other competitions, cup stages, live coverage of sporting events, interviews, and expert commentary.
Some 150 items per day

Daily news from all federal regions by our own correspondents, including lawmaking, financial and budgetary indicators, resignations and appointments in executive agencies, the protection and exercise of civil rights and freedoms, health and disease control, performance of large companies, regional housing programs, cultural and sports events, accidents and emergencies.

Some 150 items per day
Most important events in CIS and Baltic countries from our own correspondents.
Some 150 items per day
News about Russian and international companies, oil, gas and energy regulators: information disclosure, talks and contracts, the energy market, analytics, expert comments and forecasts.
Some 70 items per day
Accidents and crime in Russia and the world, the operation of law enforcement agencies, court trials.
Some 100 items per day
News, announcements and reports on the biggest and most important events in cinema, music, literature, opera, ballet and art in Russia and the world, including opening nights, guest performances, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and shows.
Some 40 items per day

Transport development, operation and plans at the federal and regional levels: news, expert opinion and interviews about rail, air, automobile, river, sea and other transport sectors and related industries, corporate news, draft laws and other relevant documents, decisions and views of the government, the president, ministries and industry experts, news about major international transport projects, including those involving Russian companies, as well as transport accidents.

Some 40 items per day

News about agriculture, fertilizer, food, trade and public catering markets based on domestic and international information. Priority attention is given to the regulation authorities’ statements, the data on the production and marketing of the main kinds of agricultural products, raw materials and food, views and forecasts by top experts and analysts, news about the leading Russian and international companies, the situation in regional agribusinesses and related industries bearing on agriculture.

Some 30 items per day
News for those who need positive emotions: good weather, new non-working days and holidays, interesting facts about animals and zoos, funny incidents, stories about salvation, amusing or heroic real life stories, plus interesting legislative initiatives.
Some 30 items per day
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