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Virtual and Augmented Reality AR&VR

Immersive projects using AR&VR technology
Augmented reality

With virtual objects added to the real world, the user can view their surroundings through the phone camera with a virtual layer superimposed on them.

Content viewing

On a smartphone

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On a tablet

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Virtual reality

The user becomes completely immersed in the virtual environment. This technology maximizes opportunities for interaction and engagement with this reality and provides an almost limitless scope for interactivity and gamification.

Content viewing

On a smartphone

arvr1 - Rossiya Segodnya, 148, 20.07.2021

On a tablet

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With a virtual reality headset

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AR story: Who is Your Father Frost?

All countries have stories and legends about the old man who brings treats and presents on Christmas or New Year. Both Christian and Muslim countriesshare this tradition. The man may look different in keeping with the local features, culture and the traditions of celebrating the new year. There are dozens of Father Frost versions around the world.

AR-game Space Debris Collector: How and Why they Will Clean the OrbitAR

When you play our augmented reality game, you will learn everything about space debris, how much of it is out there, where it comes from and how dangerous it is. You will have an opportunity to clean the Earth’s orbit by controlling three prototype debris-collection satellites from different countries of the world. There are four levels in the game. In the first three, you learn how to operate the satellites and remove large, medium and small debris step by step. In the last level, you will go on an autonomous flight and try to save the planet from space debris, earning as much money as you can along the way.

AR story: Journey to the Center of a Black Hole: Inside the Biggest Mystery in SpaceAR

Journey to the Center of aBlack Hole is an augmented reality (AR) story. You can learn aboutthe origin of black holes,and find out what people feel beyond the eventhorizon, what is spaghettification, and what is on the other side of black hole singularity.

AR-game: Fired Up AR

The fire siren is wailing. The upper floors of a skyscraper are ablaze. A fire truck with a glass cabin comes to a halt. While the firefighters get out within a matter of seconds, the driver is using a computer to send a stream of firefighting foam from the cannon on the truck’s roof. The aerial ladder is stretching as high as the 20th floor, as a helicopter and drones are hovering over the roof of the building.

Solar Eclipse and the Disappearance of the Moon AR

Why do solar eclipses happen only at the time of the new moon? When is the next solar eclipse you can see in Moscow? When do lunar eclipses occur? At what rate is the moon moving away from the Earth per year? Could the Earth’s only natural satellite eventually disappear? What effect would this have on the Earth?

VR-space: Museum of Lost Paintings: Lost masterpieces that can be seen in virtual reality

Humankind has lost thousands of masterpieces during its history. Some disappeared without a trace, while others were destroyed by fire or were stolen. But some people can do the impossible: collect the digital remains of lost art. The VR-space Museum of Lost Paintings is a unique VR project featuring 17 lost masterpieces of Russian art recreated in virtual reality. And this is only the beginning.

Inside the Elements: How Wildfires WorkAR

How destructive are wildfires, and what does this depend upon? What does it feel like to be surrounded by fire in a burning forest, seeing no escape as the fire moves ever closer towards you? What does awildfire look like from a bird’s eye view? What processes take place in the burnt-out area during the next centuries? Can the Siberian taiga be lost irretrievably?

Valera Meets Gagarin: A VR story that took place in Moscow in the spring of 1961 VR

The VR reconstruction Valera Meets Gagarin is a unique project that allows users to “become” a boy in an ordinary Moscow flat waiting for the world’s first man in space to drive past his building on April 14, 1961, together with the tens of thousands of people in the streets of Moscow.

How It Works: Arktika Nuclear Icebreaker

Russia’s cutting-edge nuclear-powered icebreaker, Arktika, will pass within arm’s reach. In augmented reality, you can see this unique next generation ship as if you are standing next to it. You will find out how it can break three-meter-thick ice without getting damaged, how long it can go on without refueling, how powerful its engines are, and why polar bears get drawn to icebreakers.

The Blind and the City VR

How do visually impaired people use smartphones, buy clothes, watch films and bring up children? Why do they go to the theater? What spaces are easiest for people with vision loss to navigate? How much time does it take them to get somewhere? Why are improperly parked vehicles a problem for them? What do they feel when other people look at them?

Miracle in the Cornfield VR

A miracle happened in a cornfield on August 15, 2019, but no firm conclusions have been made yet. Could the Airbus A321 be saved? Did the crew act wisely? In this unique VR investigation, the agency and flight experts reconstructed the flight and alternative landing scenarios. Are those who believe that the pilots were hailed as heroes prematurely right? We have an answer.

VR 2038 Lunar Base: Re-enactment of the Future

The project has a unique format that blends prediction and re-enactment, based on real research projects, drawings, international agreements and expert calculations. Try out the role of the first lunar colonist. Feel the lunar gravity impact, wear a real spacesuit to walk on the lunar surface, see the likely appearance of the first international lunar base and find out why the mission is so important for the entire Earth.

Dyatlov Pass AR

An AR reconstruction of thethree most popular versions of the Dyatlov Pass incident. The causes of the group’s death have been a subject of controversy and speculation for 60 years. The viewers will find themselves inside the tent with the hikers seconds before the disaster. You will see the pass through the eyes of the first search-and-rescue groups. Never before have these tragic events been presented so evocatively.

VR story The Unknown Standard Bearer

We know the official version of how the Red Banner was hoisted over the Reichstag and the names of the heroes, Yegorov and Kantaria, from textbooks and glossy magazine photographs. But there were many more flags and banners also raised over the Reichstag. Experts believe soldiers mounted at least forty banners, often made from improvised material, on the walls and roof of the Reich’s main building. The Unknown Standard Bearer is a story that you will experience from the perspective of an ordinary Soviet soldier on the roof of the Reichstag in the spring of 1945. You will find yourself, a soldier, in one of the Reichstag towers, will climb the ridge of the roof and install a flag.

The Mechanics of Autism VR

The VR project The Mechanics of Autism is the first in a series of VR and AR stories by RIA Novosti journalists. In this VR story, you will see the world through the eyes of a person with autism and find yourself in the most typical situations people with autism experience.

Life and Death in the Arena: VR Report on the Most Dangerous Jobs in the Circus 360

Grueling daily practice, blisters, injuries, broken bones and sometimes death. Acrobatics is a dangerous profession where survival hangs on trust, skill and the ability to harness your fear. How do circus acrobats work? Why do they come into the arena every day, making their tricks increasingly more complicated? You will see the world from the height of the circus pole and learn the secrets of the Great Moscow State Circus.

Peering into the Maw: The Unseen Side of Predator Training in a 360 Report 360

You will see the circus through the eyes of animal trainers, both during the performance and during training, and learn what methods are used to teach lions and tigers new tricks, why the dangerous cats obey humans, how to make a tiger jump through a ring of fire, and why a lion does not kill the tamer during the “feeding” trick. The report by the360 TV channel tells thestory of the world-renowned Zapashny brothers.

AR exhibition

Supplementing any offline project (catalog, exhibition, album, leaflet) with online content. Augmented reality can add images, videos, infographics, interactive elements, and audios.

Format advantages
  • A fast and cost-effective solution for offline multimedia integration
  • Easy to scale
  • Content can be easily added or updated
IInstagram / Snapchat filters

Branded mask, presentation of statistics or a product with animation

Format advantages
  • Larger coverage due to the platform’s popularity
  • Quick and easy project implementation
  • Simple promotion mechanics
  • Familiar and clear for the user
AR model in WebAR format

Animated 3D or video content available to users from a mobile phone browser

Format advantages
  • Promote your project using standard digital tools
  • Easy to view content
  • Quick and easy project implementation
  • Visually enriches standard editorial content
VR quest, game

A project based on a unique scenario, where the user is invited to solve a number of problems with the help of the product being advertised, to figure out the product structure, etc.

Format advantages
  • Your product or project can be presented in an exciting way
  • Maximizes opportunities for interactivity and engagement
  • Gives the user the opportunity to test the product
  • The project can be used at exhibitions, festivals and other offline events

Presentation of a product, service, or report; data visualization. The project can be geared towards B2B and B2C audiences

Format advantages
  • Shows any hidden properties of the product visually
  • Helps explain and visualize complex mechanics or device
  • An opportunity to make any event original and exciting
  • An opportunity to test a product or project

The best format for a virtual test drive, simulated travel, etc.

Format advantages
  • The user interacts with a product prototype that is as close to the real thing as possible
  • Adds game elements
  • The project can be part of an interactive event at the exhibition stand
  • Helps create an emotional connection with a product among a large number of users
Video 360 Video 360

Interactive report or documentary about an event

Format advantages
  • The user can attend the event remotely even after the event is over
  • A technologically simple format with a low entry barrier for the user
  • Can be integrated into a website or special project
  • Promote your project using standard digital tools
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To launch AR technology (AR)

Find a horizontal or vertical flat surface

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Place the virtual object on it and сlick the screen to start

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To launch VR technology (VR)

Turn your phone horizontally

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Insert your phone into a VR headset

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View the content

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WAN-IFRA European Digital Media Awards 2019

2nd place for Best Use of Online Video (including VR)

Communicator Awards 2019

Award of Distinction in the Mobile-General/Public Service/Activism category

IPRA Golden World Awards 2019

Winner in the category Integration of Traditional and New Media

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2019

1st place for Best Social Project, the award For Promoting Communications Literacy and Encouraging People to Experience Empathy

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2020

1st place for Media Project of the Year

Communicator Awards 2020

Award of Excellence in the Mobile - General/ Public Service / Activism category, Award of Distinction in Mobile - Features / Best Use of Augmented Reality

Communicator Awards 2021

Award of Distinction for Best Use of Augmented Reality

Russian national award Culture Online 2020

1st place in the Integration of IT and Culture category

Digital Communications Awards 2021

award in the Digital-Media & Tools. Interactive Content category