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International educational project from the best Russian and foreign media managers, experts and leading specialists of Rossiya Segodnya media group

SputnikPro is a program of unique seminars, lectures and workshops for journalists, press secretaries, bloggers and senior students of media and journalism, initiated by Sputnik international news agency and radio.

At the sessions, participants discuss various aspects of the journalist’s job, including the production of multimedia content, working on social media, driving traffic to information resources, and much more.

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SputnikPro seminars in different countries

In March 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, SputnikPro transitioned to hosting programs remotely. Its online season of webinars conducted in Russian, English, Chinese, French and Farsi, gave journalists and bloggers from the CIS and other countries a chance to discuss current professional issues.

People who come to our seminars and our schools have the opportunity to see what it means to have professional communication among friends and neighbors

Margarita Simonyan
Editor-in-Chief, Sputnik