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Social Navigator

Information project designed to raise public awareness of a wide range of major social issues in education, healthcare, culture and childcare
The Social Navigator provides

• Current news and expert opinion in multimedia formats.

• Social ratings and convenient navigation to the information resources of social institutions.

• Exclusive analytics by teams of top Russian experts based on regional, national and international studies.

Enrollment Navigator

The Enrollment Navigator is a special project launched by the Social Navigator in May 2014 as the main platform for Russian-speaking high school students and graduates and their families.

The project offers a broad range of information about vocational and university education and is designed to support and promote the leading universities in Russia and around the world.

Find Me, Mom

Find Me, Mom is an adoption charity project conceived by Rossiya Segodnya together with the Nikolay Rastorguev Foundation. The Change One Life charity joined the project in 2017.

The project is designed to help find adoptive or foster families for orphans and children without parental care. Over 575 children now live in families thanks to the more than a thousand videos posted on the project website.

What you won't find in your textbook

“What you won't find in your textbook” is a socio-historical project highlighting the heroism of our ancestors, little known facts from Russia’s history that cannot be found in textbooks, aimed at fostering patriotism and shaping national identity, enlightening and providing reliable information based on up-to-date knowledge on key aspects of historical events.

The project was awarded the Knowledge National Award for best educational project by audience voteand also won the Best Social Projects in Russia 2022 award in the Socially Responsible Media category.


Liberation.1943 is a unique multimedia project telling the story of the de-occupation of the southwestern part of the Soviet Union from Nazi invaders in 1943. It is aimed at reviving a sense of community, the historical affinity of Donbass and Russia, and the historical continuity of Donbass and the liberated territories with Russian regions and cities.

The project won the Best Social Projects 2023 award in the Socially Responsible Media category.

Year of Teachers and Mentors

The Year of Teachers and Mentors is a socially significant project aimed at increasing the prestige of the teaching profession, highlighting efforts for the development of education and popularizing Russian teaching traditions.