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Our products range from short videos for social media to festival-grade documentaries. TOK is a multiplatform media outlet devoted to exploring urgent social issues and life in all its facets.

The team comprises young video production professionals, as well as a freelance network all across the CIS countries.

Thousands of social videos

TOK has produced nearly 3,000 videos, including mobile news stories, documentaries and blogs. Over the years, TOK initiatives have helped dozens of people and brought important social projects to life.

In November 2018, a new network of channels devoted to animal protection, KOT, was launched as part of the TOK project

KOT features feel-good videos about animals. Wild and domesticated, calm and playful, cute and unusual – KOT has them all, as well as stories about strong friendships, amazing rescues and love for our animal companions.

In 2021, KOT launched SuperVet, Russia’s first online series featuring the lives and everyday work of veterinarians.


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