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First results of the 8th Stenin Contest: participants from 130 countries

29 March
Moscow, Rossiya Segodnya Press Office

The 8th Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest entry period has ended. Here are some of its first results

Открытие выставки победителей конкурса им. Андрея Стенина в Претории - Rossiya Segodnya, 780, 29.03.2022

The 8th Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest entry period has ended. Here are some of its first results.

In 2022, the contest received about 3,000 entries from 54 countries. The top 5 leading countries in terms of the number of international photojournalism competitors were India, Bangladesh, China, Spain and Iran. Russian photographers were also among the most active participants in 2022.

The most popular category, with the largest number of entries, was My Planet, which showcases the striking multipolarity and diversity of the world with its natural landscapes, ethnic traditions and national customs.

For the first time since 2014, photojournalists from Nicaragua submitted entries. Over the past 8 years, competitors from more than 130 countries have entered the contest.

The professional jury will begin its work in April, and the shortlist will be published on the stenincontest.ru website.

About the contest

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the patronage of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, aims to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of photojournalism today. It is a platform for young photographers – talented and sensitive individuals open to all things new – to highlight people and events near us.

General media partners of the contest include the Rossiya-Kultura federal channel, Moskva 24 channel, Vesti.Ru news website.

International media partners include Sputnik news agency and radio, RT channel and website, Askanews news agency, Independent Media holding, Telam news agency, ANA news agency, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), China Daily news website, The Paper news website, Al Mayadeen media network, Prensa Latina news agency and DBW news website.

Industry partners of the contest include the Russian Union of Journalists, YOung JOurnalists news portal, Russian Photo portal, Photo-study.ru website, Photography Academy, Fotoargenta magazine, Delhi Photography Club, LF Magazine, All About Photo website, EYE photography magazine, Artdoc magazine, IPhoto Channel and PhotON festival.