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Sputnik launches cooperation with one of Congo's leading media outlets

22 February
Moscow, Rossiya Segodnya Press Office

Rossiya Segodnya First Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sergei Kochetkov and ADIAC Secretary-General Ange Pongault signed the memorandum during an online ceremony.

Сотрудничество Sputnik с ведущими СМИ Конго - Rossiya Segodnya, 780, 22.02.2022

The two countries plan to exchange content in French and take part in each other’s special events.

"The partnership that now binds our organizations is just the first step on a long journey that will affect all aspects of our publishing activity, our TV resources, websites and radio,” Ange Pongault said following the meeting.

We are confident that this document will be more than a simple formality. We have received first-hand access to news from the Republic of the Congo and provided our colleagues with access to news from Russia. We also invite ADIAC to take part in the SputnikPro project and the agency’s expert video link-ups, which is especially important ahead of the Russia‒Africa Summit.

Sergei Kochetkov
Rossiya Segodnya First Deputy Editor-in-Chief

This is the fifth document signed with a French-speaking African country in the agency’s portfolio.